Doug Scheer

Scheer (sm)
Board Member Since 2012
Current Term 2016-2020

Oath of Office (PDF)

Current Certification:
2018 Good Governance Certificate
2018 Certification of Training (PDF)
Includes AB 1234, AB 1825 training certificates
2016 Certification of Training (PDF)
Certification of Training (PDF)


Director Scheer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father’s job took the family all over the country and even overseas; Director Scheer graduated from high school in Fremont, California. He moved to the Los Angeles area at 18 and started Scheer Security a year later.

Director Scheer returned to the Bay Area in 1989 and moved to Oakley in 2004 with his wife and sons. They bought the property in downtown Oakley and opened their Oakley offices of Scheer Security.

Director Scheer and his family are full supporters and volunteers of Oakley’s Boy Scout Troop 152. They helped open the Troop’s Christmas tree lot, which is located behind their business property in downtown Oakley each holiday season.

Director Scheer is a past president of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce

Director Scheer has held a seat on the ISD Board of Directors since 2012 and served as the 2016 president of the Board of Directors.