1. Customer Service

    Find information for local business owners.

  2. Facilities Operations

    View information about our facilities.

  3. Finance

    Find information on our compensation and our budget.

  4. Human Resources

    Here you will find an organizational chart and employment opportunities.

  1. Jersey Island

    Find helpful information about jersey island which includes how to obtain a hunting and fishing permit.

  2. Outreach

    You will find the ways we are encouraging public outreach.

  3. Current Bid Opportunities

    This page is set up to add current bid opportunities, as well as bid results. There will be times when no bids are listed on this page.

Men At Work

  1. maintenance4

    Please be careful when you see members of our maintenance staff on the road working on the sewer pipes. ISD is responsible for approximately 127 miles of sewer pipes within the Oakley and Bethel Island communities. The crews are frequently out inspecting lines, cleaning pump stations and providing regularly scheduled maintenance.