Special District Leadership Foundation Transparency Certification

Committed to Openness of Government

Ironhouse Sanitary District is committed to encouraging openness in Government. We will continually work to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what Ironhouse Sanitary District is doing to keep the environment safe.

Ironhouse Sanitary District staff will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use. Board of Directors meeting agendas and minutes will be published online and made available through a Public Records Request in a timely manner consistent with law and policy. 

Ironhouse Sanitary District is the recipient of the California Special District Leadership Foundation's District of Transparency Certificate of Excellence.

District of Transparency Certificate of Excellence
District of Transparency Certification letter

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Current Ethics Training for ISD Board members
Director profiles, pictures and e-mail addresses of current Board members
Election procedure and deadlines
Board Meeting Schedule
Annual disclosure of Board member and staff reimbursements for individual charges over $100 for services or products (PDF)

Agendas, Minutes and Meetings

Current meeting agendas and minutes (meeting videos when available)
Agenda Center for Archived Board Meeting Packets

General District Information

General Manager

Key Staff Contact Information

ISD's mission statement

ISD services and functions

ISD service area

Authorizing statute

Enterprise System Catalog (SB 272)

Map of District boundaries/service area

Municipal Service Review (MSR) and Sphere of Influence (SOI) studies

District Policies

Conflict of Interest policy

Code of Ethics policy (Personnel Policy Handbook) and Board Conduct (Bylaws Section II)

Financial reserve policy

Public Records Act requests policy

Ralph M. Brown Act compliance policy

District Financial Pages

Current District budget

Annual District audit

Reimbursement Policy

Link to State Controller's webpage with District's reported Board Member and Staff Compensation

Link to State Controller's webpage with District's reported Financial Transaction Report

California State Controller’s PublicPay

California State Controller’s “By the Numbers” Website

Outside Source

California Special Districts Association mapping program

Districts Make the Difference website

Special District Leadership Foundation: District of Distinction Certified—Platinum Level

Ironhouse Sanitary District has completed certification as a Special District Leadership Foundation’s District of Distinction— Platinum Level. The accreditation criterion gets to the heart of best practices in public agencies. By holding this certification Ironhouse Sanitary District demonstrates:

  • Understanding and respect for the responsibilities inherent in providing essential public services.
  • Has clean financial audits and operates in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.
  • Is conscious of the ever-changing operating environment by having current and relevant policies and procedures in place that conform to all statutes and regulations under state law.
  • Places an emphasis on continuing education completed by having each of the District’s Board members and executive staff in ethics, governance and leadership training.
  • Focuses on having sound policies in the areas of governance, board conduct, district finances, transparency and reserves.

As a certified Platinum Level recipient, Ironhouse Sanitary District has received Special District Leadership Foundation’s highest level of recognition for a District. Incorporates completion of all Special District Leadership Foundation programs demonstrating a comprehensive approach to excellence in district management and governance.

Platinum Level

District of Distinction Certification