How to use Ironhouse Sanitary District's Residential Recycled Water Fill Station

Help conserve one of California's most precious resources. Instead of using tap water to irrigate lawns, trees and gardens use Ironhouse's recycled water. For more information check out the video link below.

Don’t Flush Wipes

Be mindful of what you flush down your toilets. Watch the video below to learn what can happen when anything but the three Ps is flushed down the toilet. Only pee, poo, and toilet paper should be flushed. The rest should be thrown in the trash.

A new manhole for Taylor Road

Ironhouse Sanitary District's Collection crew recently replaced a manhole cover on Taylor Road in Bethel Island. The manhole had raised from the ground over time. The crew used a tool called Mr. Manhole, a hydraulic rotating blade, to cut the manhole cover out of the ground. They then replaced the old with a new manhole cover. The new cover lays flush with the street.

This project was done in cooperation with Contra Costa County public works crews. 

See a video of Mr. Manhole at work on Taylor Road in Bethel Island here and here.

Mr. Manhole at work


Ironhouse's Collections team upgrading one of the lift stations

Ironhouse’s complex sewer system uses 36 lift station, also called pump stations, that aid in pumping wastewater from lower to higher elevation. ISD’s collections crews recently completed an upgrade at the lift stations located on Taylor Road in Bethel Island.

From District mechanics to licensed wastewater collections staff, the project was able to be completed in-house without hiring outside crews during the upgrade and replacement process. See a photo slideshow below to get a view of the work involved in keeping the lift stations up and running properly.

Part 1

Part 2

Solids Handling Facility

A close up tour of the solids handling process used in our water recycling facility.

Eyes on the Sky

A discussion about the effects of the California drought by Mitch Marcus, originally posted on Vimeo, April 29, 2014. Please view our video.

Water Recycling Facility Grand Opening

A slideshow featuring images from the Oct. 15, 2011, grand opening of the Water Recycling Facility. Please view the Picasa photo album. (Thanks to Shana Whitford and all our photographers for sharing their images.)