Jersey Island


About Jersey Island 

Jersey Island is owned and operated by Ironhouse Sanitary District. The island is located between Oakley and Bethel Island on the San Joaquin River. Ironhouse's recycled water is sent to Jersey Island to 450 acres of irrigated field that grows 2,000 tons of hay per year.

Part of the hay is fed to approximately 2,200 head of cattle owned by Ironhouse. The rest is sold to feed lots in the Central Valley and local ranches. Ironhouse leases property on Jersey Island for natural gas wells.

Reclamation District 830 is responsible for maintenance and levee restoration on Jersey Island.
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Jersey Island is located in Contra Costa County in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region. The 3,520 acre island is bound to the west by the San Joaquin River, on the north by False River, on the northeast by Piper Slough, on the east of Taylor Slough and on the south by Dutch Slough.

Jersey Island has a ferry that takes cars Jersey Island to Bradford Island via Ferry Road.

Ironhouse Sanitary District has opened Jersey Island to fishing at designated areas only and hiking along the Ted and Helen Halsey Trail.


Fishing is allowed by permit only.  For more information on obtaining your public use pass and current pricing, 

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Jersey Island is home to the Ted and Helen Halsey Trail. A parking pass is required for trail use. Access to the trail is via Ferry Road, which is closed when the ferry is not in operation. In such event, the trail will also be closed.

Electrical conductivity

Some residents have inquired about the electrical conductivity of the waters surrounding Jersey Island. That information, updated periodically, can be found at the following link: Electrical Conductivity Around Jersey Island [PDF]