Recycled Water

The Residential Recycled Water Fill Station
ISD's Recycled Water Fill Station
 COVID-19 Rules:
Please follow current Contra Costa County COVID-19 restrictions.
 Hand sanitizer is available on-site.
 For information about using recycled water during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see the California Water Board's
California’s Recycled Water and Treated Wastewater Is Safe from the COVID-19 Virus Fact Sheet.

In June 2015, ISD officially opened a two different Recycled Water Fill Stations—a Residential Recycled Water Fill Station and Commercial Recycled Water Fill Station. Each offers high-quality recycled water available for outdoor watering needs.

The Residential Recycled Water Fill Station located near ISD Main Office at its headquarters in Oakley allows Oakley and Bethel Island residents FREE access to available recycled water for irrigation of plants, trees, and gardens.

The Commercial Recycled Water Fill Station located near the Water Recycling Facility at Ironhouse's headquarters in Oakley offers a way to conserve potable water and can be used for construction purposes, including grading and compaction, wetting pads, dust control, landscape irrigation, and more.

Residential Recycled Water Fill Station

With issues of drought facing all Californians, Ironhouse Sanitary District is offering FREE recycled water for pick up at our Residential Recycled Water Fill Station as a way for residents to keep their lawns, trees, and plants green.

Recycled water can be used for:

• Watering your trees 
• Gardens 
• Vegetables 
• Lawn irrigation 
• Washing your car 
• Cleaning outdoor furniture 
• Washing Hard surfaces (paths, walls, windows, etc.)

Recycled water is NOT suitable for: 

• Drinking 
• Cooking or use in the kitchen 
• Bathing or showering 
• Filling swimming pools or spas 
• Children's water toys 
• Plumbing to the household domestic plumbing system.