Angela Lowrey


Angela Lowrey is an award-winning wastewater resource recovery management professional who joined Ironhouse Sanitary District's Board of Directors (ISD) in December 2020.

Born and raised in Australia, Director Lowrey moved to the United States thirty years ago. Oakley became her home in 2009 after completing her Masters Degree at the London School of Economics and securing a position with an East Contra Costa wastewater agency which manages the state's first industrial recycled water facility.


Director Lowrey is active in our community as a leader with service clubs, committees, fundraisers, and helping neighbors. She is passionate about finding ways to honor those who have served in our Armed Forces, and as a member of the Friends of the Oakley Library helps support programs for patrons of all ages and abilities. She is a graduate of both the Oakley Leadership Academy, Class of 2016, and the East Bay Leadership Council's inaugural 2018 "Build the Bench" Program.


Director Lowrey understands wastewater regulations, supports government transparency, and believes wastewater resource recovery professionals are essential to the social, environmental and economic success of the communities they serve.


As a passionate environmentalist, Director Lowrey has a proven track record of supporting new legislation offering recycled water as a drought-resistant clean water option, as well as seeking changes to labeling of personal hygiene wipes to reduce costly repairs in residential homes and local wastewater treatment plants. She is active about addressing pollution issues, supports local community clean up events, street sweeping services, and raising awareness about safely disposing of household hazardous waste at our regional collection facility.


Her work in wastewater resource recovery has been recognized by the California Water Environment Association, the California Association of Sanitation Agencies and the California Association of Public Information Officials.


Director Lowrey believes it is an honor and a privilege to be a wastewater resource recovery professional and is proud toserve as a representative on Ironhouse Sanitary District's Board of Directors working with all agency stakeholders to address challenges and secure opportunities together.