Dawn Morrow

Morrow (sm)


Director Morrow has been a resident of Oakley for more than 20 years and has enjoyed raising her family here while volunteering for numerous local organizations and clubs.

Recently Director Morrow took on a local representative position for Contra Costa County District 3 Supervisor Diane Burgis. She also has 20 years’ experience as a Millwright where she helped build and run industrial plants, including wastewater treatment facilities. She has also been a small business owner for 15 years where she has specialized in helping people communicate and promote their businesses.

Director Morrow believes her unique skill set makes her an informed advocate who understands what it takes to oversee a state of the art wastewater treatment service and an engaging leader to help keep the public involved along the way.

One of her number one goals is to make sure that ratepayers know about any major decisions facing the Board and that all the facts are publicly accessible. She believes it is important in both cost saving and protecting our important natural resources, to educate customers about water conservation/reuse and care of the entire system.

One of the things she likes best about Ironhouse Sanitary District is that it is an innovative district, as well as the fact that it is highly regulated. As a Board member she wants to work to maximize environmental benefits and sustainable resources at the least cost to the ratepayer.