Peter Zirkle

Zirkle (sm)


My wife, Mary and I have lived in the Oakley area for over four decades. We have been involved in numerous community services, including the YMCA, Cub and Boy Scouts, Little League, Give Always To Others, Saint Anthony CYO, local schools PTA and numerous non-profit fundraisers.

Participating with projects and organizations in our community has always been important to me. As an Ironhouse Sanitary District Board member my primary obligation is to represent residents and businesses in the Ironhouse Sanitary District service area. 

After witnessing the city population increase significantly over the last  four plus decades, I know how important it is to have a reliable sewage and solid waste system.

I am committed to continue the efficient, safe and dependable sanitation services the District provides at a reasonable cost for all customers. I will work to always keep open communications with customers and provide a timely response to any issues. 


My top priority is to work with the ISD Board of Directors to keep rates as low as possible, continue the recycle water program and maintain facilities to the highest possible standards. I am committed to making sure the Ironhouse properties are properly managed to help offset the costs of operating the sanitary district services.

I look forward to serving the public interest and having a positive impact on our local community.